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How To Choose A Telemedicine Delray Beach FL Platform To Use In Your Organization

Shopping for a telemedicine Delray Beach FL platform is not something that most people do every day. So, if you have decided to add video visits to your practice but are not sure  about how to find  the right telemedicine  provider,  you are not alone. The following are some of the things that you should look for when choosing between the telemedicine  providers.

First of all, make sure that you look for reimbursement guarantee when choosing a telemedicine platform. In case the system verifies eligibility but you do not get reimbursed, it will be the  responsibility of the telehealth company, not yours.  So when making your selection, look for a company that provides a reimbursement guarantee. If the claim is not approved by the payer,  the telemedicine provider will work with them  to ensure that the matter is resolved.  In case the insurance company still does not pay your claim, the vendor will pay your claim.

Another important thing  you should consider when looking for the right telemedicine Delray Beach FL platform is automated eligibility  verification.  One of the reasons why practices add telemedicine services is to increase revenue. This is great unless you find that you find that you are doing video visits that you will not be reimbursed for.  You can avoid this problem by investing  in a telemedicine solution that features integrated eligibility verification. Whenever a person schedules a video visit  in your EHR, verification of the patient’s eligibility for reimbursement  will  happen with immediate effect.  And because  of that, the staff members at your facility will not need to do double data entry.

For more tips on how to choose a telemedicine Delray Beach FL platform to use in your organization, visit our website at https://www.ai-caremedicalgroupinc.com/

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